Isaiah 5:20: “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; / Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; / Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

October 25th, 2014 by Pastor Ed in devotional

Calling evil good and good evil, was the kind of upside down morality that was taking over the nation of Israel in Isaiah’s day. The ability to discern the difference between good and evil can easily be lost in any society, and we can see that it is currently a glaring problem in our own nation. It is very popular today to blur the lines between right and wrong in an attempt to erase any moral or ethical distinctions. Evangelist Billy Graham said:

We’ve lost sight of the fact that some things are always right and some things are always wrong. We’ve lost our reference point. We don’t have any moral philosophy to undergird our way of life in this country, and our way of life is in serious jeopardy and serious danger.

We are told in commercials, over and over, that legalized gambling somehow builds up families and communities. Cursing, nudity, and poor ethics are shown in a positive light on TV and in the movies. We are even told that abortion is good. All of these things are said to be good and anyone who opposes them is called evil.

Years ago, Pastor J. Wilbur Chapman wrote of a pastor who preached strongly on the subject of sin. After the service, one of the church deacons came to counsel with him in his study. He said, “Pastor, we don’t want you to talk as openly as you do about man’s guilt and corruption, because if our boys and girls hear you discussing that subject they will more easily become sinners. Call it a mistake if you will, but do not speak so plainly about sin.” The pastor took down a small bottle, and showing it to the deacon, said, “You see that label? It says ‘strychnine’—and underneath in bold, red letters the word ‘Poison!’ Do you know, sir, what you are asking me to do? You are suggesting that I change the label. Suppose I do, and paste over it the words: ‘Essence of Peppermint.’ Don’t you see what might happen? Someone would use it, not knowing the danger involved, and would certainly die. So it is, too, with the matter of sin. The milder you make your label; the more dangerous you make your poison!”

“Thank You, LORD, that Your word clearly calls evil as it is and good as it is, leaving us clear labels so we do not mistakenly swallow poison.”