Exodus 29:20,45: “Then you shall kill the ram, and take some of its blood and put it on the tip of the right ear of Aaron and on the tip of the right ear of his sons, on the thumb of their right hand and on the big toe of their right foot, and sprinkle the blood all around on the altar . . . I will dwell among the children of Israel and will be their God.”

September 1st, 2019 by Pastor Ed in devotional

Aaron and his sons were God’s priests under the old covenant. The Apostle Peter writes that because of Jesus’ resurrection, under the new covenant, we are now all called to be priests. 1 Peter 2:9 says, “But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.” So this description of Aaron’s ordination is also a fascinating picture of how God wants each of us to live out our daily lives before Him.

The priests were to take the blood of atonement for the forgiveness of their sins and place it on 3 profoundly picturesque parts of their physical bodies. The blood was to be placed:

1) on the right ear, meaning they were to be careful in all that they listened to and heard. They were also to faithfully listen for the Lord to speak to them, paying attention carefully in order to learn from Him.

2) on their right thumb, meaning they were to use care in what they put their hand to. They were servants of the Most High God, and He wanted them to touch lives for Him.

3) on the right big toe, meaning they were to be concerned with where they chose to walk. They were to spend their lives walking in the pathway God had set out for them.

What a beautiful picture for us. We are to be just as careful in what we hear, what we touch, and where we walk today.

“LORD, we ask that we might hear You, serve You, and walk in only Your paths this day.”