Psalm 91:10: “No evil shall befall you, / Nor shall any plague come near your dwelling;”

January 3rd, 2021 by Pastor Ed in devotional

We see in Psalm 91 that the author made God his place of safety, and God wants us to know that He will be ours as well. Our personal, intimate relationship with the living God gives us the protection and confidence we need to serve Him. George Smith was a 1950’s jet test pilot, who was known among his peers for his nerves of steel and fearless courage. He thought he could handle anything until he had to eject from a plane that was going faster than the speed of sound. He survived, but was hospitalized for many days. As he recovered from his injuries, he slowly grew more and more afraid at the thought of flying again. He felt an unnatural fear slowly gripping his soul.

A nurse, who was a believer, noticed his growing apprehension and prayerfully gave him an antidote to fear. She read Psalm 91 to him, and then said, “Courage is knowing the worst and discovering that, in God’s world, the very worst can’t really hurt you.” Like an arrow from heaven, this truth deeply impacted his heart and healed him of his fear. He was again able, both physically and spiritually, to fly. Has fear somehow crowded into your heart and mind recently? Have you retreated from something you shouldn’t be afraid of but find that you are? Believe God’s promise. Trust Him and take Him at His word for your life.

“LORD, we lay our lives down before You. We place everything we are, everything we are not, and everything You want us to be in Your capable hands this day, in Jesus’ name.”