Psalm 92:5–6: “O LORD, how great are Your works! / Your thoughts are very deep. / A senseless man does not know, / Nor does a fool understand this.”

January 4th, 2021 by Pastor Ed in devotional

When the psalmist called the man who does not recognize God “senseless,” he used a descriptive term normally reserved for animals. From the biblical perspective, animals differ from humans in that humans have the ability for abstract reasoning. And they use that reasoning to choose to honor and worship God. So the psalmist was saying that the person who cannot observe nature around them and conclude that there is a God is beastly or brutish. The person who cannot, or will not, praise God for His works and His worth is really no better than the cow in the field or the monkey in the jungle.

Many who claim intellectual sophistication in our age say just the opposite. It has become popular for the loud, atheistic minority in the western world to accuse believers of being irrational and illogical. The problem is that we easily fall into Satan’s trap and become defensive; when in fact, it is Neo-Darwinian evolution that is illogical. Scripture declares that the failure of the brutish to understand God and to worship Him for His works, leads them to error in regard to their own eternal destiny.

I love the old story of the atheistic professor who was driving through the countryside, when his car broke down near a farmhouse at lunchtime. While waiting for the tow truck to arrive, the farmer invited the professor to join him for lunch. As they sat down, the farmer stopped and bowed his head to pray and give thanks. The professor just watched. After he finished, the professor said, “I never pray. I just start eating.” The farmer didn’t look up from his meal but quietly replied, “Yup, seen that before. That’s exactly the way my pigs eat.”

“We choose to worship and honor You in all that we do this day. May our every word and deed be acceptable in Your eyes.”