Numbers 3:4: “Nadab and Abihu had died before the LORD when they offered profane fire before the LORD in the Wilderness of Sinai; and they had no children. So Eleazar and Ithamar ministered as priests in the presence of Aaron their father.”

October 12th, 2019 by Pastor Ed in devotional

As believers, we wonder what acts today God would consider as offering profane fire. Aaron’s sons seem to have been guilty of deciding to worship God in a way that called attention to themselves, perhaps they were even under the influence as they were leading God’s people, ignoring His careful instructions of how to come into His presence.

Perhaps today profane fire would be anything that waters down the Bible, the whole Word of God. For instance, never speaking about judgment on sin would be misleading people with regard to God. As would speaking of a gospel that offers another way of salvation other than through Jesus, a way the Bible does not allow for.

If we want to be the people of God, we need to pay careful attention to God’s written Word. We need to beware of offering profane fire that might endanger unbelievers by keeping them from safely coming into God’s presence through His Son Jesus Christ. God is not in the business of striking people down who misrepresent His word, but it is possible to grieve the Holy Spirit. God has chosen to speak to a dying world through us, giving us the great privilege of introducing unbelievers to His offer of salvation by grace through faith.

“LORD help us to clearly and accurately represent You this day.”