Job 28:12–13 “But where can wisdom be found? / And where is the place of understanding? / Man does not know its value, / Nor is it found in the land of the living.”

June 20th, 2017 by Pastor Ed in devotional

While the human race has gained and continues to gain an ever-increasing amount of knowledge (data, facts, information) about the material universe, we remain painfully ignorant of the real issues of life. We can explain the how of things but not the why, as we fail to use our acquired knowledge and information with any wisdom. Gold remains the standard for wealth and is greatly prized, but wisdom is still far more valuable. Unfortunately, few exert nearly as much effort trying to discover wisdom as they do metals and gems.

The author H. G. Wells wrote a short story called “The Country of the Blind” about an inaccessible, luxurious valley in Ecuador, where, due to a strange disease, everyone is blind. After 15 generations of this blindness, there is no longer any memory of sight, color, or the outside world. A sighted man from outside the valley falls from a high cliff into their forgotten country. Despite his best efforts, he can’t make them understand what it means to see, and they simply think he’s crazy. He falls in love with a girl, but her father, Yacob, doesn’t want her to marry someone crazy. So he consults the valley’s doctor.

“I think I may say with reasonable certainty that, in order to cure him complete, all that we need to do is a simple and easy surgical operation—namely, to remove these irritant bodies [his eyes]!” said the doctor.

“And then he will be sane?” her father asked.

“Then he will be perfectly sane, and quite an admirable citizen.”

“Thank Heaven for science!” said old Yacob.

The man would not be allowed to marry the daughter unless he submitted to an operation that would blind him. What would he do? Wells wrote:

He had fully meant to go to a lonely place where the meadows were beautiful with white narcissus, and there remain until the hour of his sacrifice should come, but as he walked he lifted up his eyes and saw the morning like an angel in golden armour, marching down the steeps. It seemed to him that before this splendor, he and this blind world in the valley, and his love and all, were no more than a pit of sin.

And the man who could see, climbed out of the valley of the blind.

The world we live in is very much like the country of the blind. Our society is extremely proud of our science and knowledge, but it is for the most part blind to the supernatural workings and wisdom of God. And often, when they hear the truth, they think it and we are crazy.

“LORD, please give us eyes to see clearly this day in Jesus’ name.”