Psalm 1:3: “He shall be like a tree / Planted by the rivers of water, / That brings forth its fruit in its season, / Whose leaf also shall not wither; / And whatever he does shall prosper.”

July 5th, 2017 by Pastor Ed in devotional

According to the author of this psalm, there are 2 roads that can be taken on the journey of life, and they lie in stark contrast to one another. One is the path of life that the God-centered believer takes, and the other is the path of death the self-centered unbeliever takes. For the God-centered believer, who doesn’t submit to the counsel of the world but looks to God and His Word for direction, his life is likened to a fruit tree. Fruit trees do not produce fruit year-round but they do consistently and predictable produce fruit in their seasons. The statement “whatever he does shall prosper” is a gutsy, bold assertion, but we can believe it because it is a promise from God.

There is a courthouse in Ohio that stands in a unique location. Raindrops that fall on the north side of the building go into Lake Ontario and the Gulf of St. Lawrence, while those that fall on the south side go into the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico. All it takes is a gentle puff of wind, right at the peak of the roof, to determine the destiny of one raindrop, which will make a difference of more than 2,000 miles in its final destination. The spiritual application is clear. By the smallest deed or choice of words, we can set in motion influences that could change the course of our own lives and the lives of others, both here and now and on into eternity.

“LORD, we want our lives to influence others toward You today. Please be a sieve to our mouth and eyes of things both coming in and going out.”