Psalm 2:7: “I will declare the decree: / The LORD has said to Me, / ‘You are My Son, / Today I have begotten You.'”

July 6th, 2017 by Pastor Ed in devotional

In the New Testament, Acts 4 and Hebrews 1 both say that this psalm refers to Jesus, making this perhaps the clearest reference to the Father/Son relationship of the Trinity in the Old Testament. This everlasting relationship was planned in eternity past and seen in the incarnation of God the Son with us. Although the concept is difficult to grasp in our minds, Scripture unmistakably describes God as 1 being and as existing in 3 persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, each individually being called God throughout both the Old and New Testament.

For centuries, the simple figure of a triangle has been used as an example of the Trinity because it has 3 sides yet is still a single, indivisible triangle. This seeming paradox (something that at first hearing seems to be a contradiction, but upon closer inspection reveals a deeper truth) is something profound and exciting. “C. S. Lewis said of the Trinity that it is either the most farcical doctrine invented by the early disciples or the most profound and thrilling mystery revealed by the Creator Himself, giving us a grand intimation of reality.”1

Why did God open this door into His nature to us, knowing we would never be able to fully grasp it? It is just one of many examples God has used to humble us, to bring us to a place where we must admit, because of our own limited logic and reason, that there are many things in our relationship with Him that we cannot fully understand. But we long to look into and grasp these mysterious aspects of His nature. They act as strong attractants, drawing us deeper and deeper into this loving, mysterious Being who calls us His children.

“Heavenly Father, we seek You by coming through the Son under the drawing of the Holy Spirit this day.”

1. Ravi Zacharias, Can Man Live Without God (Dallas: Thomas Nelson, 1994), p. 149.