Psalm 48:14: “For this is God, / Our God forever and ever; / He will be our guide / Even to death.”

November 21st, 2020 by Pastor Ed in devotional

King David reminds us at the end of this song that this God he has been singing about is our God and He is the guide of our lives. We see in Psalm 37:23 that “The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD, / And He delights in his way.” Our God holds us by His right hand and directs our steps along the road of life. Jesus is the Shepherd of the flock, who feeds us (meets our needs) and keeps us safe (protects us). God is our inner compass so that when we pay attention, we stay on the path we are supposed to be on. How exactly does this happen? It happens when we seek Him and His direction by spending time in His book—the Word of God. “Your word is a lamp unto my feet, / And a light to my path” (Psalms 119:105).

I read about an 83-year-old man who had lived his entire life as a bachelor. One day he gathered his 4 nephews together and announced that he was planning to get married. His nephews were in shock. One finally spoke up and said, “Uncle, are you getting married because this woman is beautiful?” “No,” he said. Another nephew asked, “Uncle, are you getting married because this woman is a great cook?” “No,” he said again. The third nephew asked, “Are you marrying this woman because she is rich?” “Of course not,” he replied. The final nephew said, “Uncle, if you’re not marrying this woman because she is beautiful or because she is a great cook or because she is rich, then why are you marrying her?” The old man replied, “I’m marrying her because she can drive at night!” We are all on a journey called life. We have a Heavenly Father who wants to guide us and who can guide us, no matter what may come our way.

“LORD, guide our steps today and use us in Your Kingdom we ask in Jesus’ name.”