Psalm 108:12–13: “Give us help from trouble, / For the help of man is useless. / Through God we will do valiantly, / For it is He who shall tread down our enemies.”

January 20th, 2021 by Pastor Ed in devotional

Here is a great truth: only God can really bring help and lasting victory in the daily battle for our souls. When we look to human help, we are disappointed; but when we look to God, He gives us victory and blessing.

The psalmist began this psalm with a promise to look to God, to seek Him, early in the morning for His help. English pastor Charles Spurgeon said about short but regular quiet times:

I have found, in my own spiritual life, that the more rules I lay down for myself, the more sins I commit. The habit of regular morning and evening prayer is one which is indispensable to a believer’s life, but the prescribing of the length of prayer, and the constrained remembrance of so many persons and subjects, may gender unto bondage, and strangle prayer rather than assist it.

It is far better to start out with regular, even if very short, quiet times of prayer than trying to pray for an hour every day.

LORD, we seek You and You alone for our confidence to walk the walk today. Please fill us with the gifts of Your Spirit that we need to serve You well.”