2 Chronicles 4:19–20: “Thus Solomon had all the furnishings made for the house of God: the altar of gold and the tables on which was the showbread; the lampstands with their lamps of pure gold, to burn in the prescribed manner in front of the inner sanctuary,”

September 21st, 2023 by Pastor Ed in devotional

God often uses the illustration of pure gold to speak of purity. The rarity and shininess of pure gold are perhaps its greatest characteristics and attractions. It has always been sought after and offered as tribute to kings. Gold is relatively easy to purify because all it takes is a clay crucible (a container that allows the gold to be melted) set on a very hot refiner’s fire. In the crucible, the impurities in the gold, which are lighter and have a higher melting point, float to the top and can be removed. After several passes, the temperature is raised further and the last of the impurities are burned off, leaving behind only the precious purified metal.

But while gold is easy to purify, it is hard to find. In fact, gold is so rare that the total amount of gold mined and stockpiled in the entire world, up to the present time, is estimated to be about 88,000 tons. If it were collected together, its volume would be that of a cube, 54 feet per side. For comparison, the Washington Monument measures 55 feet per side at its base and 555 feet tall.

The picture of all this gold being used in the temple of God serves to remind us that He is worthy of the most precious materials we can find. Our God is the King of kings. We are to serve Him as King and Master above all other human leaders. There is some scientific evidence that stellar material may contain gold. But even if it could be converted into actual gold, God’s worth, His value, is still far beyond all the potential gold in all the stars, in all the galaxies, throughout the universe.

“LORD, we want to serve You as our Master and King this day, in Jesus’ name.”