Psalm 138:6: “Though the LORD is on high, / Yet He regards the lowly; / But the proud He knows from afar.”

May 23rd, 2024 by Pastor Ed in devotional

King David saw himself as small and lowly while his enemies, in their pride, saw themselves as large and important. David was telling us that our God is the great Creator who loves little people. David worshiped God, recognizing that He is far beyond the abilities of our human minds to comprehend.

Even to this day the greatest minds of humanity cannot penetrate God’s mysteries. Many regard Stephen Hawking, who occupied the Lucasian Chair at Cambridge University, as one of the most brilliant people alive. In his best-selling book, A Brief History of Time, Professor Hawking wrote:

However, if we discover a complete theory, it should in time be understandable by everyone, not just by a few scientists. Then we shall all, philosophers, scientists and just ordinary people, be able to take part in the discussion of the question of why it is that we and the universe exist. If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason—for then we should know the mind of God.”

Although Hawking does not yet believe in a personal God, he is humble enough to admit that humans simply do not know. He recently added:

If you believe in science, like I do, you believe that there are certain laws that are always obeyed. If you like, you can say the laws are the work of God, but that is more a definition of God than a proof of his existence.

In this psalm, David confidently says the Creator does exists and that His mind is large enough to fill the needs of the universe, yet condescending enough to take up residence in the heart of any person who would surrender to Him. God hears the prayer of the humble in heart, but self-sufficient or self-important prayers, God knows only from a distance (afar).

“Thank You, LORD, that Your mind is bigger than we can comprehend. We recognize that if You were small enough for us to completely understand, You would not be big enough to rule the cosmos.”