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Valve Cover Race Car Rules

  1. All decisions by the Judges are final.

  2. No engine, propulsion or moving weights.

  3. The car must be made from an automotive engine valve cover.

  4. The valve cover must retain its entire original gasket-sealing surface.

  5. A chassis may not be used with more than one valve cover body.

  6. Nothing may extend beyond the gasket surface on the front of the racer.

  7. A minimum of four wheels, either inside or outside of the valve cover.

  8. The circumference of the wheels that touch the track may NOT be metallic.

  9. The car must be clean. Oil or grease will disqualify the car.

  10. Artistic creativity is encouraged, but keep it family friendly please.

  11. Profane or sexually explicit markings will disqualify the car.

  12. Maximum Length of 30 inches.

  13. Maximum Width of 10 inches.

  14. Maximum Height of 10 inches.

  15. Maximum Weight of 10 pounds.

  16. Maximum Wheel Diameter of 6 inches.

  17. Maximum Front Road Clearance of 1-1/2 inches.

  18. Track Release Pin is 2 inches from track to top of pin.

  19. Both cars will be started at the same time from the start gate.

  20. A racer who interferes with another car, forfeits that round.

  21. If a car is hampered by a track problem, the round will be re-run.

  22. A car that does not stay in its lane, forfeits the round.

  23. The racing will be double elimination for the top eliminator trophy.

  24. Two classes of Racers – “Youth” (15 yrs. or younger) and “Adult”.

  25. A car may only race in one class.

  26. All cars will be weighed and inspected immediately prior to each race.

    For questions call or text Chris – 909-838-1702.


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