Psalm 10:12–13: “Arise, O LORD! / O God, lift up Your hand! / Do not forget the humble. / Why do the wicked renounce God? / He has said in his heart, / ‘You will not require an account.'”

July 14th, 2017 by Pastor Ed in devotional

David cried out, “Arise, O LORD!” He had been trembling in the trenches long enough and wanted God to act. David knew he was powerless to change his own circumstances, but that God was not powerless. He knew God’s will was being done in heaven and asked that it be done on earth as well.

The word “why” occurs twice here and is translated as such in the NIV translation: “Why does the wicked man revile god? / Why does he say to himself, / ‘He won’t call me to account’?” David was struggling with the prosperity and seeming victory of the wicked around him, and he argued that God should be dealing with the wickedness and injustice, that those practicing such things should be held accountable. He was frustrated by the circumstances he was in and couldn’t see God standing right next to him.

I read a great story about a volunteer fire department that was fighting to save a barn that was engulfed in flames. As the owner watched, he called his insurance company, but there was no answer. “How come my agent is never there when I need him?” he asked in frustration. Overhearing it, one of the firefighters tapped his shoulder and said, “It’s because I’m right here, putting out the fire.” One of the fireman working to save the barn was the owner’s insurance agent. Although David was frustrated and looking, God was right next to him (and us) today, all day, every day.

“Thank You LORD for standing next to us in everything this day. Guide us into good places we pray, in Jesus’ name.”