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  • Walking through the Bible …

    Lord willing, we are leaving the Book of Leviticus and are about to walk through the New Testament book of Luke at a chapter a day. One ancient text (The Anti-Marcionite Prologue) recommends Luke this way: “Luke is a Syrian of Antioch, a physician by profession. Having been a disciple of the apostles and later having accompanied Paul until his martyrdom, he served the Lord without distraction, unmarried, childless, and he fell asleep at the age of eighty-four in Boeotia, full of the Holy Spirit.” If this non-biblical source is correct, we find ourselves studying the only non-Hebrew writer of the Bible. Again, when we say that we mean on the human side since we believe the ultimate author of all Scripture to be the Holy Spirit. Did you notice that amazing statement said about Luke? At the end of his life, Doctor Luke  was, ‘full of the Holy Spirit.” Now there is a goal worthy for each of our own lives. That it might be said of us that we were ‘full of the Holy Spirit” through to the end of our days here on planet earth. Make it so Lord!

    Pastor Ed