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  • Mark’s view…

    Once again we approach a new book over on the devotional page in the New Testament, leaving the Gospel of Luke we are moving into the Gospel of Mark. One early church historian Papias (60-130 AD) wrote, “… Mark became Peter’s interpreter and wrote accurately all that he remembered, not, indeed, in order, of the things said and done by the Lord. For he had not heard the Lord, nor had followed him, but later on, followed Peter, who used to give teaching as necessity demanded but not making, as it were, an arrangement of the Lord’s oracles, so that Mark did nothing wrong in thus writing down single points as he remembered them. For to one thing he gave attention, to leave out nothing of what he had heard and to make no false statements in them.” The Holy Spirit has carefully left for us, through John Mark, Peter’s view of three and a half years walking with the Master. So we press on as fellow pilgrims on the narrow road.
    Pastor Ed