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  • Finding more faith…

    The Devotional Page is closing out the New Testament book of Romans so now we switch back again to the next Old Testament book of Judges. The book of Judges is worthy of a title like, ‘Failure Through Compromise.” It is in direct contrast with the theme of the book of Joshua which could be, “Finding Victory Through Faith.” Judges covers the four hundred year period from the death of Joshua through the last judge, Samuel. All thirteen judges, both men and women, were limited in their ability and obviously were greatly flawed national leaders. It is a book filled with interesting and exciting history even as we read of human failure and then God’s divine mercy and deliverance. God’s people fail over and over again but God never fails. We pray that you are growing in faith as we read and consider a chapter a day of first a New Testament book and then an Old Testament book, one after another. May you meet the Savior in every chapter, every day.
    Grace to you, Pastor Ed