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  • For freedom Christ has set us free …

    We are finishing the Old Testament book of First Samuel and heading back over to the New Testament now into the Book of Galatians. Martin Luther especially loved this letter and we are told he called Galatians his “Catherine Von Bora,” because, he said, “I am married to it.” Others have called it the ‘Emancipation Proclamation’ of the Church of Jesus Christ with perhaps the greatest impact after Romans of any letter. The main argument of the book is the Believer’s liberty vs. law. This book was written to combat false teachers who came to Galatia insisting on the observation of the Law of Moses for believers. They didn’t deny the fact that Jesus died and rose again but they denied that it was adequate. They demanded trusting Christ plus keeping the Old Testament law. Paul writes strongly against anyone trying to mingle the Gospel and law. It is fascinating that the same struggle goes on today in religious groups all over the world. Come study with us a chapter a day and take in the freedom God extends every day.
    In His Grace, Pastor Ed