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  • More kings but no real leaders …

    We now come to the second book of Kings, which continues the history of the split nation of Israel. This is both an exciting book and a disappointing one with so many of the nations leaders who fail to be everything God wanted them to be. The one striking thing we will find is that no believing king is found in the northern kingdom of Israel, though in the south, in Judah there were a few. However even in Judah there wasn’t a king who finished the race well with a really bright end to his life. Hezekiah would have been if he had died when the Lord first wanted to take him. But when the Lord allowed him 15 years extra he ended poorly. May that not be said of any of us studying through God’s Word and may we all be closer to Elijah’s grand finale’.

    Please pray for the European Pastor’s conference in Siegen, Germany this week where pastors are gathering from all over Europe for a time of challenge and refreshing. We are writing these devotionals from here and speaking. How Europe needs God so we covet intercession for a fresh revival from heaven to sweep across this continent… LORD, please bring Your fire and begin the burning in us.
    In Him, Pastor Ed