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  • Broken glass…

    We come now to a book, Ecclesiastes that some have suggested is filled with pieces of broken glass. To correctly understand any book of the bible it is important to know the purpose for which it was written. We can say that this book, much like the book of Job, has many chapters that are filled with human error. It is one of only two books in the bible that reflects human, rather than the divine point of view and that is why it is like bits of broken glass. Each piece of glass is like one of the aspects of life studied by ‘the Preacher’ or as we would probably say today, ‘the philosopher.’ Solomon sees life as empty, meaningless, and confusing like broken pieces of glass in a pile. It is only at the very end of the book do we find that he grasps that life can have meaning. Solomon sees that, like a kaleidoscope, its broken shards can take on form and beauty when viewed from the correct perspective. May we avoid the mistakes that Solomon fell into by studying this short book. Some of us have learned the same lessons by repeating the same mistakes he did, but the tuition has been very expensive… better to learn through studying Solomon’s errors.

    In His grip, Pastor Ed